UTA Big Howdy Volunteering Fall

Thank You!!!

Dear Friends who want to help welcome international students,

We are so excited that you want to help out with the Big Howdy Events
this year. This website is in place so you can get some of the details
about the big howdy Events. Some ways you can help include the

  • Airport Pickup
    from Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas Airport (DFW) to UTA
  • CareAVan Shopping
    rides to Walmart store to get groceries and household items in this
    town without busses or trains
  • Used Item/Garage Sale
    to get inexpensive used furniture and household items
  • Big Howdy Party
    a wonderful and fun party for international students to start off the
    year and to get to know the students!!!
  • “Tour of the DFW/Arlington Area we take students on a tour of the DFW/Arlington area to help them find the things they need to live here.
  • Welcome Table at Orientation – Join us as we welcome students as they go through the orientation process. – Not Available
  • Friendship Partner – Volunteer to be an American Friend to an international student
  • Help in some other way

See some of the Pictures
and Video from previous events! Thanks so much for being a part of this. Looking
forward to seeing you in the near future. If you haven’t signed up to
volunteer already…



Big Howdy planning committee

Airport Pickup – Volunteer Fall

If you want to get involved with the Airport Pick-up Program, contact us at airport08@utabighowdy.com. This is one of the most important ways to help as you are the first person the student will meet. They will never forget you as you are the first smiling face they see when they first land in the US. We need to know when you might be available to be “on call” for specific days and times during the month of August. So when a student calls for a ride, we can contact you. Be flexible as students are trying to make multiple connections in multiple countries and often miss their connections because of customs or other issues



Used Item Sale for International Students – Volunteer Fall



  • Students need to fill their empty apartments with furniture, electronics, kitchen stuff, etc.
  • We all have extra things of that sort that we don’t really need.
  • Great chance to get rid of you extra stuff and bless an international students.
  • Stuff is sold at a very low price with the proceeds benefiting international students’ events the following year.


  • People who might want to donate items to this event.
  • People and teams of people to pick up stuff during August from people’s homes which we will put in the storage locations
  • People to help with bringing the stuff to UTA from storage
  • A large moving truck to transport the furniture and other things from storage to the sale.
  • Pick up trucks and people to take things to the students homes
  • Pricer and cashiers and hosts for the Garage Sale itself.
  • A Garage Sale coordinator
  • Storage space to put collected items.
  • We also need a couple of large moving trucks to transport the furniture and other things from storage to the sale.

What do I do:

  • We need people who can help with setting up the sale and give away items and clean up afterwards – Small Household Items – Date:Thursday, September 1, 5-6 PM– Students come and get used household items like kitchen (pots, pans, etc.) and eating things(plates, cups, etc.), small appliances(including microwaves), and electronics. All free FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS) This giveaway will be held at theWesley Foundation (311 UTA Blvd, Arlington, TX 76010)
  • We need people who can deliver furniture Items –Help us deliver couches, mattresses, desk chairs, desks, bookshelves, etc. to student apartments. We will deliver the items on Thursday, September 1 from 5-8 PM and if needed on a day TBD. They will have already signed up on September 3 for the items. One of the funnest part of the sale.

Used items to use in your apartment or dorm room. Furniture, dishes, kitchen items and other decorative items. Hope to see you there!

For more information, email us at useditem08@utabighowdy.com.

If you wish to donate an item, sign up and let us know



For more information, email us at useditem08@utabighowdy.com.


Wal-Mart Care-a-vans – Volunteer Fall

Date: Aug 11, 12, 16, or 18  – Pick one or more evenings and as needed by students (let us know if you can do other days and which days)

When: 5:45 PM
Where: Meet in front of the Starbucks entrance of the University Center, west of the corner of First and West Streets (click here for a map)


  • Great chance to share Christ’s love with international students by taking them to Walmart and other area stores.
  • Students trying to settle into their new apartments, getting furniture, food, electronics, phones,
  • Little transportation available from UTA to a local market.
  • Volunteers provide rides to and “tour guiding” within the Walmart Superstore or other store for students on each of these evenings.

Needed: People with vans and cars. The commitment could be for one night, some nights or all the nights.

What do I do: Arrive at the BSM on the corner of First and West by the University Center (http://www.uta.edu/maps/map?id=UC) at 6 PM and take the students to Walmart on South Cooper on the corner of Bardin and Cooper. Shop with them or wait until 8PM and return and drive them home.

For more information, email us at careavan08@utabighowdy.com.


BIG HOWDY PARTY – Fall Volunteer

When: August 28: 6st 28: 6
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pm – 9 pm

Where: Bluebonnet Ballroom in the University Center (UC) (http://www.uta.edu/maps/map?id=UC ) at UT Arlington

You are invited to the BIG HOWDY PARTY to welcome international students to UTA!


This is the culmination of the Big Howdy Events. The other events offer opportunities to invite students to this event. This is a large party where all the Christian Organizations working with the international students officially welcome the students. Churches and organizations provide the food. We also have a sort of cultural dance where we try to show them western dancing and they show us their sort. All the Christian organizations are recognized there and relationships are formed. Last year over 1000 people came. It’s a great opportunity for you and your families to be exposed to people from all over the world. It’s a blast. It helps the students to relax as “one of the crowd.” This is the very important event that seals all the festivities! We’d love your help and you will love it too.


  • People who can provide main dishes, side dishes, deserts, etc. for a total the over 700-1000 people who will likely come. It is potluck style with each volunteer providing food for 30-60 people.
    • You don’t have to stay but it is strongly encouraged as you get a chance to see a touch of other cultures.
    • Some food needs to be vegetarian as many of the Hindu Indian students (the majority) are vegetarian. Bring the food to The Bluebonnet Ballroom at the University Center (Big Howdy Maps) at 5:30 PM.
    • Of course people from other places like meat.
  • People who can teach western dancing and help with the entertainment,
  • Hosts/hostesses to greet people. Come around 5:30 PM
  • Runners to get stuff if we run out
  • People to decorate. Come around 5 PM.
  • People to clean up. May have to stay till 10 PM

Email us at bighowdyparty08@utabighowdy.com


Tour of the DFW/Arlington Area – Volunteer Fall

When: Labor Day

Tour of the DFW/Arlington Area is our new opportunity to serve students, we take them on a tour of the DFW/Arlington area to help them find the things they need to live here. We need cars and vans and people willing to just drive people around. We will meet at the Starbucks Entrance of the UTA University Center (Big Howdy Maps).We provide the maps of where to go, etc.

For more general information, email us at tour08@utabighowdy.com.




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