Free Rides from Area Airports for UTA International Students – SOLD OUT

Unfortunately we are sold out on the rides from the airport for Fall 2017.

We are very sorry that we cannot give you a ride this year from the airport because of the large number of requests we have already received. We are a volunteer organization and therefore we are limited in the number of rides we can provide based on the volunteers we have. We appreciate your patience. There are several other ways to get to UTA from the DFW airport, including taking the Metro Arlington eXpress, using an airport shuttle service (select “DFW” as starting point and “UT Arlington” as the end point, taking Uber or Lyft, or taking a Taxi which has taxi stands outside of every terminal. If you already signed up for a ride, you don’t have to worry.

It is unlikely, but things may open up later in the months as conditions change and rides may become available. So keep watching this page to see if registration does open up. 

No matter how things turn out, join us for one of the other Big Howdy Opportunities!

If you have questions or comments you can contact us at or call/text message us at 01-972-836-8474.


If you need a ride from the DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field Airports to UT Arlington and you are an International Student at UTA let us know your flight information and we can try to arrange to have someone pick you up…

Click to sign up 

IF YOU MISS YOUR CONNECTION, PLEASE CALL 817-269-3146 TO LET US KNOW SO OUR VOULUNTEERS CAN COME AT THE RIGHT TIME. Note: We cannot 100% guarantee we will be able to find a ride if you have to change. Rides are provided fully by local volunteers and are dependent on whether they are available.