Wal-Mart Care-a-vans – Volunteer Fall

Date: Aug 10, 11, 15, or 17  – Pick one or more evenings and as needed by students (let us know if you can do other days and which days)

When: 5:45 PM
Where: Meet in front of the Starbucks entrance of the University Center, west of the corner of First and West Streets (click here for a map)


  • Great chance to share Christ’s love with international students by taking them to Walmart and other area stores.
  • Students trying to settle into their new apartments, getting furniture, food, electronics, phones,
  • Little transportation available from UTA to a local market.
  • Volunteers provide rides to and “tour guiding” within the Walmart Superstore or other store for students on each of these evenings.

Needed: People with vans and cars. The commitment could be for one night, some nights or all the nights.

What do I do: Arrive at the BSM on the corner of First and West by the University Center (http://www.uta.edu/maps/map?id=UC) at 6 PM and take the students to Walmart on South Cooper on the corner of Bardin and Cooper. Shop with them or wait until 8PM and return and drive them home.

For more information, email us at careavan08@utabighowdy.com.


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